City of West Kelowna – Wine Trail and Westside Farm Loop Branded Wayfinding Strategy



City of West Kelowna -
Wine Trail & Farm Loop Branded Wayfinding Strategy



The City of West Kelowna needed a branded wayfinding strategy for both their Westside Wine Trail and Westside Farm Loop that better related to each agritourism journey. It was vital that the design for each would not be confused with the other while as the two overlap. The final wayfinding strategy helps visitors wander and explore; emphasizing the importance of the journey, not just the destination. Due to the large number of international visitors a custom set of icons and arrows was developed for both the Wine Trail and Farm Loop for better comprehension.

The project scope included a signage audit, traffic flow audit (both existing and proposed road changes by the Ministry of Transportation), proposed additional destinations, meetings with the key stakeholders, development of a multi level sign design program including HWY signage, vehicle signage, roundabout signage, kiosks, banners, environmental graphics, and entry signage. The completed branded strategy document included the final design concepts, working drawings, technical specs, and placement of all signage.

The Farm Loop wayfinding is based on making all the poles and tops to look like shovels. A new Farm Loop identity was also developed for better legibility.

The Wine Trail signage utilized their existing logo and colour pallet. The roundabout signage is based on the head or top of a wine barrel. One side would have a natural oak finish, while the second side would be stained a deep bordeaux colour.