City of Port Coquitlam – Downtown Branded Wayfinding Strategy



City of Port Coquitlam -
Downtown Branded Wayfinding Strategy



The City of Port Coquitlam (PoCo) was in need of a downtown wayfinding strategy. Our first step was to carry out a detailed audit covering three traffic patterns: HWY traffic access to the downtown area, vehicle traffic throughout the downtown area, and pedestrian/bicycle traffic throughout the downtown areas including access to/from Traboulay PoCo Trail. Based on our findings from the audit, a multi level branded wayfinding strategy was proposed to the city. The branded wayfinding strategy was based on the idea of building a visual link between PoCo's historical significance in the growth of BC (commercial rail traffic), and its current brand. A visual theme was established that carries through from wayfinding that can be read at 70km Hwy traffic all the way down to pedestrian wayfinding.

To help the city save money on the implementation of the strategy, we suggested utilizing several power boxes as information/wayfinding kiosks. Following the city's official downtown design theme plan, a brick background was chosen for all the power boxes. All wayfinding information is designed to look like it was painted on to the brick background.

A 77 page branded wayfinding strategy document we produced that includes a three phase implementation strategy, working drawings, placement and messaging of all signage, HWY signage, vehicle wayfinding signage, parking signage, two types of street name signage, pedestrian wayfinding signage, two types of directional maps, two types of directional kiosks, environmental graphics, and specialty recommendations.